About Us

We are a worldwide supplier of high quality cookie cutters, numerous kitchen gadgets, and affordable cooking and baking products. Since 1993, we have shared recipes, tips, and other resources to help people make long-lasting memories in the kitchen.
We offer the best cookie cutters on the market for value, price, quality, and definition of shape. Our cookie cutter selection includes traditional tin-plated steel cookie cutters, as well as colorful polyresin-coated steel cookie cutters. 
We provide exceptional customer service and quickly ship orders, typically within two or three days of receiving the order.
We are a family-oriented company and proud to give back to causes we care about, including Paralyzed Veterans of America, The Travis Manion Foundation, Special Olympics and The Susan G. Komen Foundation.


Our Cookie Cutters are available as follows:
-          Open stock purchased by the dozen
-           In themed, acetate boxed sets and in metal tins as sets.
-           In organza bag sets
-           In assorted display units (see our bucket program)
In addition to our Cookie Cutters we offer a flourishing “Bucket Program” with various items including colorful gadgets. The bucket displays are transparent plastic tubs with bucket header cards. Additionally, many of our gadgets that are sold in buckets are also available in open stock (bulk) as well. Complimentary to our other product lines, we also carry a variety of bakeware items, including; springform pans, pie and cake pans, apple machines and bean pots.


All of our cookie cutter sets and gadgets require a minimum order quantity of 3 each.
Open stock cookie cutters are sold by the dozen. Please be sure to order as 1 dz.
7 1/2” to 8” Cookie Cutters are packed by 3’s, and need to be ordered in multiples of 3


Some items are fragile and must be ordered in case packs to prevent damage during transport.  For example:
2720 Pie Weight needs to be ordered in multiples of 6
7621 Large Bean Pot needs to be ordered in multiples of 4
7630 Covered Onion Soup Crock needs to be ordered in multiples of 6
All cookie cutter sets and bulk gadget  items have an order minimum of 3.   Buckets can be ordered as “1”. 
The office is staffed Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST.
If you need further information please don’t hesitate to call us, we are always happy to help!

R&M Key Personnel:
Jason Sanders, President – jsanders@randm.us
Jen Girard, General Manager – jgirard@randm.us
Kelly Hamlet, Customer Service Manager - khamlet@randm.us
Meg Ernst, Finance Manager – mernst@randm.us
Candace Huey, Key Account Manager - chuey@randm.us
Scott Hamlet, Shipping and Warehouse Manager – shamlet@randm.us
Audrey Verso, Creative Director - averso@randm.us