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Kids Party Snack Ideas

With our extensive selection of cookie cutters, you can customize your party snacks and favors to fit any theme.   Here we made cereal treats into butterfly shapes for the daughter of one of our team members.  Here we used one of our butterflies (1234).


Take your favorite hard candy and your favorite cookie cutter shape and make customized lollipops.  Here we used a frog for the nephew of one of our team members.  We have close to 800 different shapes, sizes and colors of cookie cutters to fit any theme or idea you have.  Here we used our Green Frog (1233/V).  Show us what you came up with, we love it when you share your ideas!

frog3 frog1 frog2








This doesn’t have to be just for parties.  If you have a picky eater at home and want to make their healthy snacks more exciting, try this fun idea. Here we used our mini butterfly (1634) and our mini locomotive (1573).

apples apples1 appletrain2appletrain1