Holiday Craft Ideas

We all know how difficult it can be to carve a pumpkin with a shape that is recognizable.  Take the guess work out of it with cookie cutters.! Simply take your desired shape – here we used our R&M Flying Bat (1194), Halloween Cat (1192) and Ghost (1191).  Tap it into the pumpkin with a mallet or hammer, pull it out and follow the impression with your pumpkin carving knife (we have those too, item number 3288).  You will get clear, defined shapes every time.  These are obvious Halloween choices, but be creative, perhaps your child likes dinosaurs – use our 1245 Tyrannosaurus Rex.  You can customize your jack-o-lantern to match your child’s costume, maybe she is a princess this year, use our Queens  Crown (0897).  The possibilities are endless!

pumpkin1  pumpkin3 pumpkin4 pumpkin5