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6 Snacks for Family Game Night

Between the hustle and bustle of school, work, sports, and lessons, it’s good to take a little bit of family time and relax. What’s better than a family game night? Pick a game, sit down at the table together, and spend a few hours playing your favorites. Of course, you’ll need a snack or two (or six!) to make sure that your bellies are full and you’re ready to compete.

We’ve pulled together some of our favorites – from savory to sweet – perfect for serving alongside whatever games you pick!


1. Sweet and Spicy Snack Mix, from How Sweet It Is

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When you’re gathered round the table, you’ll need something crunchy to munch on while you play. This snack mix combines pretzels, rice cereal, crackers, cashews, peanuts, pepitas, popcorn, and wasabi peas into a seriously addicting snack for adults and kids alike – as long as you like a spicy kick! Get the recipe here.


2. Homemade Soft Pretzel Bites with Cheese, from Two Peas & Their Pod

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Soft pretzels are actually easy to make – and this recipe will yield about five dozen bite-sized pretzels. With cheese sauce on the side for dipping, your family will love this special treat. Get the recipe here.


3. Healthy 7-Layer Dip, from The Pioneer Woman

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Without a doubt, game night requires at least one dip. And, if you’re only going to have one, this is the one to have! Serve it up with pita bread, tortilla chips, or veggies, and get a little bit of each of the layers in every bite: Black beans, Greek yogurt, avocado, black olives, tomatoes, cheese, and green onions. Hint: You can even make your own tortilla chips using cookie cutters! Get the recipe here.


4. Hot Ham & Cheese Party Rolls, from Kevin & Amanda

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Finger foods are perfect when you’re busy playing games, and these rolls will satisfy your hunger more than some of the other snacks on this list. Serve them straight out of the oven for perfectly crispy and cheesy goodness. Get the recipe here.


5. Spicy Chicken Cheeseballs, from Everyday Made Fresh

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Easy to make and delicious to eat, these chicken cheeseballs aren’t overly spicy. They’re sure to be a new family favorite Get the recipe here.


6. Homemade Animal Crackers, from Well Floured

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You’ve got to have something a little bit sweet on game night! These animal crackers are adorable and easy to devour. Use our Party Animal Stamper Set to make zebras, elephants, turtles, hippos, and more! Get the recipe here.


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