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6 Recipes for Your Next Summer Cookout

When summer hits, every weekend seems to be filled with an outdoor party or event. Whether you’re the host or just bringing a dish to someone else’s party, eating the same foods over and over again can get boring. We’re here to help! Below you’ll find six recipes to help you spice up your summer dishes, ranging from sides to dessert. We didn’t include the classic corn on the cob, but you can find our list of five different ways to prepare that here.

Are you ready to wow your friends and family this summer?


1. Simple Mediterranean Pasta Salad, from Fannetastic Food

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Pasta salad is always a crowd pleaser and easy to make in large batches. This mayo-less option from Fannetastic Food features Mediterranean flavors with simple, fresh ingredients. Get the recipe here.


2. Fruit Salad, from The Pioneer Woman

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We love this fun twist on fruit salad from The Pioneer Woman. She adds an orange-vanilla syrup and fresh mint that combines with the fruit of your choice for a truly refreshing flavor. Get the recipe here.


3. Zucchini Noodles with Pesto, from Two Peas & Their Pod

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 Spiralized noodles are really popular right now – and with good reason! You don’t have to cook them (so prep is easy), and they’re really healthy! Just add in some pesto, garlic, pepper, and parmesan cheese (and a couple other ingredients) to create a standout dish that people will love. Get the recipe here.


4. Star Ice Cream Sandwiches, from Unwritten Recipes

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No surprise that we love these ice cream sandwiches – they use cookie cutters to create the perfect summertime treat (especially for a fourth of July party). If you’re not into stars, try using some other summer-themed cookie cutters, like a fish, the sun, or a seashell. Get the recipe here.


5. Sweet Potato Salad, from Trisha Yearwood

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Potato salad is pretty standard at a cookout, but have you tried sweet potato salad? Mixed with yogurt and orange zest, this is a dish that will have people coming back for seconds. Get the recipe here.


6. Black Bean Salsa, from The Blond Cook

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You can’t have a party without chips – you just can’t. And, you’ve got to have something to dip those chips into. Well, this black bean salsa is just the thing! It’s fresh and filling (and delicious). Get the recipe here.


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5 Ways to Make Corn on the Cob

Summer is practically here, which means it’s the best time of year for fresh, delicious produce, including one of our seasonal favorites: Corn on the cob. Whether you’re having a family barbeque or pulling together a quick weeknight meal, corn on the cob is a quick, easy – and versatile – side dish.

Just so you don’t get tired of eating it this summer, we’re sharing five different ways to prepare it, using the grill (two ways!), the oven, the stovetop, and the microwave.


1. Grilled Corn on the Cob (No Husks), from 101 Cooking for Two

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Summertime is for grilling, and this recipe couldn’t make the process any easier. Simply shuck your corn, coat the ears with vegetable oil, and place them directly on the grill! Get the recipe here.


2. Grilled Corn on the Cob (with Husks), from The Food Network

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Leaving the corn in the husks protects the kernels from direct heat. This recipe from The Food Network’s Bobby Flay has you fold back the husks, de-silk the corn, then soak it in a combination of water and salt. Then you pull the husks back down and place the corn directly on the grill. Whip up his Herb or BBQ butter to pump up the flavor, and you’re all set! Get the recipe here.


3. Oven Roasted Corn on the Cob, from The Slow Roasted Italian

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 Not a fan of the grill? You can roast enough corn on the cob for a crowd in just ten minutes with this method! Get the recipe here.


4. Boiled Corn on the Cob, from Taste of Home

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Boiled corn is classic and easy – and all you really need is a large pot! This recipe from Taste of Home gives you the step-by-step directions, as well as recipes for six different herb butters to spread on your cobs. Yum! Get the recipes here.


5. Microwaved Corn on the Cob, from Lovely Little Kitchen

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 Did you know that you can microwave corn on the cob? It works best when you use very fresh ears of corn. Just leave the husks on and pop three or four ears into the microwave at a time! Get the recipe here.


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Of course, we’ve got some tools to make your corn-eating experience even easier (pictured above). Check out our two corn de-silking brushes (here and here), our selection of corn holders (here, here, here, here, and here), and our corn trays, which make serving easy.

Do you have a go-to corn on the cob recipe? Share it on our Facebook page. Happy eating!