An Easy Recipe for Individual Chicken Pot Pies


According to the groundhog, winter is hanging around this year! If you’re anything like us, the cold weather is making you crave warm comfort foods – and  nothing tastes better after a long day than a hearty chicken pot pie.

Everyone knows that the crust is one of the best parts, so we suggest making individual pot pies to increase your crust-to-filling ratio – every bite you take will have filling and crust!

All you need to get started is four miniature pie tins – or make it easier on yourself and grab our Chicken Pot Pie Baking Set, which will have everything you need (pie tins, miniature rolling pin, pastry brush, and cutters).

Get ready to warm your belly with a creamy mixture of chicken and veggies in a light, flaky crust. Yum!

Individual Chicken Pot Pies

Serves: 4

Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes prep, plus 20-25 minutes cook time


The Crust:

  • -4 cups flour
  • -1 and 1/3 cups shortening
  • -12-15 tablespoons cold water
  • -1 teaspoon salt

The Filling:

  • -1 small onion, diced
  • -½ cup celery, diced
  • -½ cup carrots, diced
  • -½ cup peas
  • -½ cup corn
  • -2 cups cooked chicken, diced (you can always make this easier by using a rotisserie chicken)
  • -3 tablespoons butter
  • -1 cup chicken broth
  • -1 cup milk
  • -¼ cup flour
  • -1 chicken bouillon cube
  • -Salt and pepper



1. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees F.

2. Get started on the crust. In a large bowl, mix the flour and salt. Using a pastry cutter, add the shortening to the mix. Cut the mixture until the shortening is the size of small peas.

3. Add 1 tablespoon of water at a time until the dough is thoroughly mixed. Dough should be moist and slightly sticky.

4. Divide the dough into 9 balls.

5. Take 1 dough ball and place it on a lightly floured surface (or on a silicone mat); roll the dough into a 7-inch circle. Place the dough into your individual pie pan (ungreased). Repeat for a total of 4 pie pans.

6. In a large saucepan, cook the onion, celery, and carrots in 2 tablespoons of butter over medium heat for 8-10 minutes or until the vegetables are tender. Once tender, add 1 tablespoon of butter and the peas and corn.

7. Add the flour and the bouillon cube. Then add the milk and chicken broth. Stir over medium-high heat until thick and bubbly. Stir in pre-cooked chicken. Add salt and pepper as desired.

8. Take a spoon and scoop filling into each individual pie pan. Do not fill much higher than the top of the pie pan.

9. Take one of the remaining balls of dough and roll it out to a 5-inch circle. Place on top of filling and join seams of top crust to bottom crust. Crimp the edges of the dough, if desired. Crust should be no more than ½ inch beyond edge of pie plate. Repeat for a total of 4 pie pans. If you’re using our pie kit, you can also use the mini chicken pie top cutter to create a pie top. To do this, place pie topper flat-side down. Place 5-inch circle of dough over pie topper and gently roll, and then lift the dough carefully off of the pie topper (the topper will now have small chicken cut-outs in it). If you do this step, you do not need to cut slits in the dough before placing in the oven.

10. Take the remaining ball of dough and roll it out; then use your favorite cookie cutters to cut the dough into shapes. Our kit comes with 2 different sizes of chicken cutters, and the pie topper can be used to cut out small chicken shapes too

11. Beat one egg in a cup.

12. Lightly brush the pie crust with the egg where you plan to place a cut-out shape. Place shapes where desired.

13. Lightly brush each pie with egg (the more egg you use, the darker the crust will brown).

14. Cut slits in the crust using a knife.

15. Place the pie pans on a baking sheet for easy transfer to the oven.

16. Bake for 20-25 minutes. Watch them so that the edges do not get brown. Our mini pie crust shield will also prevent your edges from browning too quickly.

17. Remove from oven and serve immediately.

These pot pies are somewhat time intensive, but they are worth the effort on days when it’s too cold to go outside! Plus, you may have extra filling, which makes for delicious leftovers!


If you make our individual pot pies, be sure to share photos on social media using #randminternational. Enjoy!